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Why Does My Wife Hate Me?

Why Does My Wife Hate Me? Image
Paytyn Corkren Profile Image
Paytyn Corkren

When you got married, you did not think to yourself, ‘I wonder if my wife hates me’… As the years go on, we tend to get comfortable with each other. We tend to just expect things from people, and we become selfish, neglectful, and lazy.

Today, we are going to share with you a few reasons why your wife might hate you. Here are the signs you can take note of and how to resolve these issues if that is what you want.

How to Know if She Hates You

Thinking that your wife might hate you is not an ideal thought to have. If you catch yourself asking this question, you know something is off in your relationship. Here are a few signs for you to look out for to notice if your wife hates you.

You Two Fight More Than You Communicate.

It is normal to fight when you are in a relationship. The problem comes in when you fight with each other more than you talk. If you find that your wife is fighting with you over every little detail in your lifes, she is unhappy. This is a sign that she might not like you as much as she used to.

Everything you do or say pushes the wrong buttons, and she is not happy anymore to just sit and have a normal conversation with you.

She Doesn’t Seem to Put Any Effort Into Your Marriage.

Marriage is a two-way street. It requires consent effort from both you and your wife to make the marriage work. If your wife is no longer putting in any effort, it means that she has no desire or drive at the moment to put it in.

She might not care about how she looks around you anymore, doesn’t share how much you mean to her, she no longer makes your favorite dinner because she no longer cares if she makes you happy or not. It is as if she is running on autopilot with no feelings attached to the steering wheel.

Little to No Physical Contact.

Physical intimacy is crucial when it comes to a healthy marriage. It whats makes your relationship different to being just friends. If your wife no longer wants any physical contact with you or very little contact with you, it means that she no longer feels safe with you. It might also mean that she just does not want to be touched by you anymore.

She will come up with excuses as to why you cannot be physical anymore. A headache, it’s that time of the month, she is too tired. The list can go on and on.

Reasons Why Your Wife Hates You?

Feelings do not come out of anywhere. Something had to have happened to make your wife no longer love you. She must be feeling some sort of way to hate you. Here are a few reasons why your wife might hate you.

Feeling Neglected.

One of the main reasons a marriage no longer works is because someone is feeling neglected. Your wife might hate you because she feels like she no longer gets the attention, love, and support from you as she used to.

You must show your wife why you love her, listen to her and show her that you care. When you come home and go watch TV, not ask how her day was, she will get that emotional support from someone else if she has to. Women need to know that they are loved and supported and when you do not show that, they feel neglected, and love turns into hate.

Nothing Is Ever Right. All You Do Is complain.

There is nothing wrong with saying once in a while what it is you want to be changed. If you come home and all you do is complain, you will turn your wife against you.

Your wife needs to hear that she is doing something right. If you are constantly bringing her down, telling her she is doing it all wrong; your wife will resent you.

She Feels Like She Is Being Abused.

Abuse does not just mean physical. When you abuse someone, you can do it emotionally and mentally as well. If you are constantly telling your wife that she doesn’t look the way you want her to, you scream and yell at her all the time, and you demand things to be done your and only your way, you are abusing your wife.

When your wife feels abused, she will get to her breaking point, hate you, and wants to leave.

The Relationship Is a One-Way Street.

It takes two people to tango, just like it takes two people to make a marriage work. If your wife feels like the relationship is a one-way street, she will lose interest and begin to hate you. This is selfish behavior on your behalf.

What to Do if Your Wife Hates You?

Now that you know the signs to look out for and the reasons why your wife might hate you, it is now time to see what actions can be taken.

You Need to Decide What You Want Out of This Relationship.

Before you can take action, you need to decide what it is that you want out of this relationship. Do you want to save the marriage, fix it and make it stronger? Do you want to call it a day, not put in the effort and move on?

Talk to Your Wife, Let Her Know How You Are Feeling.

You must open up the lines of communication. Sit your wife down and tell her that you need to talk. Share with her how you feel and be open and listen to what it is that she is feeling. This will make her feel safe and make her realize that you care enough to notice something isn’t right, and you want to fix it.

Keep in mind that you do not want this to turn into a heated argument. Listen before you speak and let her know that you are aware she is unhappy, she no longer likes you, and this is something you want to try and mend.

Try Helping Out More and Show That You Care.

You need to realize that taking care of a house is not easy. Your wife turns your house into a home, and that requires a lot of work and effort. Be more present in the relationship. Instead of expecting her to do all the work around the house, help out. If she makes dinner, you clean the dishes. Let her have a nice relaxing bath while you look after the kids. Show her that you are an equal partner in all walks of life.

Show Her That You Appreciate Her and What She Does for You and Your Family.

This is one of the most significant changes that you can make. You need to show your life that you appreciate her. Bring her home a bunch of flowers just to say thank you. Tell her that you love her more often. Let her know what a great job she is doing for you and your family. 

Often, husbands take their wives’ efforts for granted.

You do not know how hard it is for your wife to walk in her shoes. Compliment her cooking and tell her that she looks gorgeous in the dress that she is wearing.

Mother Theresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

Try Couple’s Counseling.

There is no shame in admitting that your relationship needs help. Sometimes couple’s counseling can be very beneficial if you are both willing to put in the work. It will help you both communicate better with one another. It is a safe place for you to voice your concerns, worries and feelings without being judged.

Go Out on a Date.

Take your wife out on a romantic date. It is important that as a couple, you do things that couples should do. Even though you are married, does not mean you should no longer put in the effort. Try date night once a month.

You can get dressed up nicely, go for a lovely dinner, walk on the beach. Do the things you both would do when you were dating. Make out in the back of a car. Do something to show your wife that you enjoy her company and that you are fighting for this relationship.


Being in a marriage is hard. You might drop the ball a few times, and that is okay. If you think that your wife hates you, you need to pay close attention to your actions as well as hers. Understand why she is feeling the way that she is feeling. Once you have a better understanding, you can make the relevant changes to ensure that you are both happy once again.

She loved you once, and if you are willing to change and work with her instead of against her, she can love you once again.

Written by

Paytyn Corkren Profile Image

Paytyn Corkren

PhoneChatLines' Content Creator

Paytyn is an avid writer, with years of experience working for Bustle, Marie Claire, and Buzz Feed. Paytyn is a very passionate individual and loves writing, videography, and painting.

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