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How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him Image
Paytyn Corkren Profile Image
Paytyn Corkren

When it comes to women opening up to guys and confessing their feelings, many questions come to mind; What if he says no? Will it spoil our friendship? What if he doesn’t like me back?

Guys are also not helping matters; they are clueless when it comes to knowing when we are into them. Even when we give them obvious hints, they tend to ignore them.

This is the sad reality for some women; it doesn’t matter whether they get their hair done or get a new dress for their crush, these gestures often go unnoticed. I understand how frustrating this can be; I have been there too!

What You Should Consider Before Approaching a Guy

Opening up to a man is a dicey situation, so you have to tread carefully; before you make your first move, you need to put the following into consideration.

Be Sure About Your Feelings.

Before you take that bold step, be sure you are genuinely in love with him. If you are truly in love, it makes it easier.

You need to ensure that the feelings are mutual; even if he says no,at least you will know that you tried, and there would be no regret of what would have been.

Summon Courage.

I am sure you love it when someone appreciates and loves you for who you are; men also feel that way too. So even if you don’t are scared of telling him your true feelings, do it because he deserves to know that someone appreciates him. I am sure he will be delighted to know that he is special to you.

Besides, it is a way of trying; you cannot get what you deserve except you try. If you sit back wondering if he is into you, you may never know. There’s a probability that someone else will come and seize that opportunity if you don’t act on your feelings.

Be Sure You Are Not Manipulative.

There is a big difference between going after what you want and being manipulative. The truth is that as a woman, there are ways you can manipulatively win his heart, but is that what you want? 

Nothing beats getting a genuine reaction from him, so you better take the risk of going direct and let him know about your true intention.

Manipulation may work; he may start a relationship with you, but how long will it last? What happens when he realizes that he doesn’t truly love you or when he starts feeling manipulated? So you see, you should get a no now than having to regret later.

Own Up.

If he turns you down after you’ve let your intention known, don’t worry. It is normal don’t retract, own up and move on. Don’t start making statements like, “I was just joking. Haha, you fell for it.” Trust me; these statements will not make things get better.

Admit that you liked him; own up to your feelings no matter how it turns out; this way, you will earn your respect. The reality is you did the right thing by telling him about how you truly feel, so no matter what happens, don’t regret your decision.

There’s a chance that all he needs is a moment to reflect on what you just told him; if you cringe and deny your intentions, you are entirely closing the door of an afterthought.

Besides, a woman identifying what she wants and going for it is very attractive. So don’t hold back.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

After putting the above into consideration and your guts still tells you to go for him, it is time to take the first step, here are ways to go about it.

1. Compliment Him Regularly.

You certainly found him attractive that’s why you are reading this post. Since you do, what is stopping you from letting him know? Trust me; if you tell a guy that you find him attractive, you have automatically caught his attention. Once you have gotten his attention, he will start taking notice of you. Who knows, that might just be the beginning.

When complimenting him, try as much as possible to be casual, don’t show too much desperation, say things like, “I like your height. I like your smile. I like the way you talk.”

2. Align With His Interests.

Taking an interest in the things he likes is just a subtle way of letting him know that you care. If he is into movies, talk about movies you’ve seen if he loves sport learn a thing or two about his favorite sport, and try chipping it in anytime you guys are having a conversation.

When you are keen on his interests, he may not outrightly see the signs, but one thing is for sure he will start to feel the compatibility between you two.

3. Go Straight to the Point.

Men (most at least) are straightforward, and they appreciate people who are direct too, so there is no need to beat around the bush; go straight to the point. Being direct needs a lot of courage, but it is a small sacrifice you need to make.

4. Dive Into His Personal Life.

This means one you are interested in his personal life. We don’t just ask strangers about their family, work, childhood, and dreams. These questions will undoubtedly make him notice that you like him; answers to these questions will also help create a bond between you two. The more he tells you about his personal life, the more attached he becomes to you.

5. Let Him in With Your Body Language.

The importance of body language cannot be overemphasized; men are attracted to little detail, from the way you talk to the way you lean closer when you are with him, how you flip your hair flirtatiously, the way you sway your hips. You may not utter a word, but these actions pass a strong message.

Your body language means one thing, and that is you are interested in him. It works every single time.

6. Wear a Cute Smile.

Smile is a universal language. No matter the nationality or where you come from, you automatically feel welcomed once someone smiles at you. In the same way, whenever he sees you smiling, he feels welcomed and knows that you are delighted to have him. Action they say speaks louder than voice; when you smile every time you are around him, it is a non-verbal way of saying that you like him.

7. Maintain Good Eye Contact.

I used the word good because making eye contact is tricky; if you stare too much into his eyes, it can make him feel awkward and uncomfortable; in the same way, you will be demanding his attention if you go about it well. Look into his eyes occasionally with a warm smile on your face.

Eye contact will make his heart skip a beat. At this point, he will start to realize that he could be in love with you.

8. Ask if He’s Single.

Asking if he is single is the first bold step you will take; if he still doesn’t get the hint after this question, he is probably a lost cause.

Look for the perfect time to ask him, be calm and carefree about the way you put the question; this is to avoid sounding too desperate. Your curiosity about his relationship status shows that you are interested in him, and as soon as he gets the hint, you are a step closer to getting your man.

9. Propose a Date.

Before you take this step:

  1. Be sure you have ticked all the previous boxes.
  2. Since this will probably be your first date, suggest an unromantic location like a band concert or a baseball game.
  3. No matter how unromantic the date may seem, be rest assured that he has already gotten the message.

10. Break the Ice.

This is where you hit the nail by the head. Once you have given him all the above signs, you will notice that he has developed a soft spot for you. Once you notice this, let him know your true feelings. Don’t rush him; first, put him in the mood, then tell him your intention. Don’t rush him; tell him to take his time to think about it before he gives you feedback if he is also into you; that’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Final Thought

Women are at the receiving end of a love affair; this means no matter how you feel about a man, you have to wait and hope he makes a move. These days more women are taking the bull by the horn and letting their intentions known; if you also want to reveal your intention to a man, the steps above would come in handy.

Written by

Paytyn Corkren Profile Image

Paytyn Corkren

PhoneChatLines' Content Creator

Paytyn is an avid writer, with years of experience working for Bustle, Marie Claire, and Buzz Feed. Paytyn is a very passionate individual and loves writing, videography, and painting.

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