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Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her

Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her Image
Paytyn Corkren Profile Image
Paytyn Corkren

Today, we are sharing with you signs that a girl will throw at you to hint that she wants you to notice her. Sometimes, girls can hide how they feel about you.

They do not want to make the first move, but they want a move to be made. Girls will through subtle but noticeable hints in your face to let you know that they want you to take notice of them.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the signs that she can throw your way.

1. She Will Give You the Key to Her Soul.

Girls who want you to notice them tend to be like an open book. They will let you know everything about them. She wants you to know what life with her will be like. You can ask any question you want, and if she wants you to notice, she will not hesitate to answer any questions.

2. Hair Playing, Laughing, and Great Posture.

There are a few classic signs that girls use when they want you to notice them. Most of these are common knowledge, but some of us do not always notice them.

Hair Playing.

When a girl wants you to notice her, she will often play with her hair to try and catch your attention. It is like when a male peacock shows off his feathers to get attention. Well, a girl will make movements with her hair to get you to turn your head and focus on her.

Laughing at All Your Jokes.

When a girl is interested, she will laugh at everything and anything that you say. Even the worst dad jokes in the world will get the girl to laugh. The louder her laugh is, the more she wants you to notice her.

Great Posture.

A girl will place her shoulders back, stand up straight, and confidently walk when she wants you to notice her. This is a way that a girl can show off her body and hopefully catch the attention of the person that she likes.

You will know that if she looks at you in the eyes when she walks past. She might give a little wink and flash a smile to try and grab your attention. If a girl does this to you, walk up to her, ask her name, and you can hit it off from there.

3. She Looks At You With Intent.

A girl who is looking at you intently wants to hear everything that you have to say. She wants you to gaze into her eyes and notice what she has to say. She wants you to return the gaze, and when you do, she might look away briefly and smile because you make her feel nervous.

Someone who looks into your eyes leans forward and makes sure that you can see what she is listening to every word that you are saying wants you to notice her.

4. She Will Make a Scene.

If a girl is into you, she will not mind making a fool of herself. She will make a scene, talk loudly, and do whatever she has to do to get you to notice her.

Some girls might fake a fall so you can come to her rescue. She will do whatever it takes to make sure that you stop focusing on what you are doing and only focus on her.

Signs of Jealousy When You Are Around Other Girls.

Girls can become very possessive and jealous. This can be a cute trait that they have, but it can also get out of hand at times. For example, when you are busy talking to another girl, and you notice that a girl comes up and tries to interrupt the conversation or gets in between you, the girl is into you.

She wants you to notice her and her alone. She does not like the idea of you being with someone else, and she will do what she can to make sure that she comes between you and someone else until you take notice of her and her feelings.

You Make Her Nervous

In a good way, making a girl nervous is always a good sign that she wants you to notice her. It is normal for a girl to get nervous around you if she likes you. Take note of how she acts around you to see if she has any of these traits:

Open Body Language

When a girl wants you to notice her, you will notice that her body language will change. She will have an open body which means, her arms won’t be crossed. Instead, she will point her body directly at you and keep her arms open. This is a sign that she wants you to know that she is available and wants you to come and talk to her.

This is not a sexual pose. This is simply her way of showing you that she is inviting you into her personal space. She will move bags, make sure there is room for you to come and sit, or she will show you that the spot is quiet so that you guys can talk and get to know each other better.

The Thought of You Makes Her Blush

Whenever your name gets mentioned, or you brush up against her, you can notice that she smiles, gets shy, and starts to blush. The thought about the man of her dreams, standing right there, giving her attention, can make her blush for a very long time.

When you notice this, it is the perfect time for you to tell her how you feel about her. If you do not feel the same way, tell her as gently as possible. You do not want to make her feel bad, but she needs to know the truth.

Word of Advice

If you are not sure about this sign, ask someone close to her if she smiles or blushes when your name is mentioned. If it is a yes, then you know that she wants you to notice her. Then, it is time to make your move.

She Notices the Small Things

A girl cannot expect you to notice her if she has not noticed you. She will make mental notes of things that are important to you. She might wear your favorite color, ask to meet up and watch your favorite sport or talk about your favorite food.

She is showing you that she cares about the things that are important to you. If she does not want you to notice her, she will not go to the effort of noticing the small things that make you laugh and happy. This is a great way for you guys to get to know each other and create your inside jokes.

She Wants to Know Everything About you.

A girl who wants you to notice her will make sure that she knows everything there is to know about you. She wants to put in the effort to know you better than anyone else does. She will not try and overshadow you and what you are trying to say.

Alone Time Is Always Suggested

The best way for her to get your attention completely is to make sure that you get to spend time alone. When a girl wants you to notice her, she has a burning desire to spend time with you alone. This is your green flag. It is how you will know that the feelings are mutual. When a girl is willing to leave her friends and go somewhere quiet with you, she is truly interested in you and what you have to offer.

The Excuses Come Out.

She will do whatever she can to get you alone. For example, she might want you to help her with a car issue, or she wants to get some air but is scared to go out alone. She might even make up a story that someone is creeping her out or staring at her.

If she does this to you, she wants you to make a move!

She Finds Ways to Always See You

A girl who wants you to notice will always find a way to see you. She might show up to places that you like all dressed up. If she has your number, she might call and ask you to come with her to a friend’s party. She wants to show you that she likes to spend time with you and wants people to see you two together.

She Wants to Show You Off

She wants you to know that she is not ashamed of being seen with you. She wants the world to know that you two are vibing, and she will show you off to everyone and anyone willing to watch.


If you notice that a girl shows any of these signs when she is around you, you have been given the green light to go ahead and make your move. A girl might be shy at first. She does not always want to make the first move, but she will hint and let you know that it is time to notice her and try to move your relationship forward. 

Written by

Paytyn Corkren Profile Image

Paytyn Corkren

PhoneChatLines' Content Creator

Paytyn is an avid writer, with years of experience working for Bustle, Marie Claire, and Buzz Feed. Paytyn is a very passionate individual and loves writing, videography, and painting.

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