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How to Ask a Girl for Her Number

How to Ask a Girl for Her Number Image
Tyler Hernandez Profile Image
Tyler Hernandez

Asking a girl for her number can be scary for a lot of us. You meet the girl, you talk for a bit, and then what? When the conversation comes to an end, you are eager to get her number, but you are not sure how to go about it, do not worry. I have got your back!

Today, we will share the steps and tricks you can take to help you secure that phone number.

1. Never go asking for her number straight away

Asking for her number after a few minutes of talking can scare her away. You want to establish a connection between the two of you so that when you do ask, the feelings are mutual. To determine if the feelings are mutual, there are a few subtle hints that you can do.

Compliment her

Give her a nice compliment but do not make it sexual. You want to show her that you find her attractive as well as enjoy her personality. For example, tell her that she has nice eyes, her dress is really pretty, or she has a gorgeous smile. Then, later on, you can let her know that you find her funny or smart. This will show her that you are sexually attracted to her and you do not see her as a piece of meat. The balance is important.

Proximity is important

Trying to get close to her physically is important for chemistry and attraction. This is how a woman can get a stronger sense of your vibe. When you talk to her, lean in so that she can see you are interested. As the conversation goes on, move in closer to her and see how she reacts. If she pulls away, she is not interested, but if she leans in closer, you are one step closer to that number.

Get to know her

Take your time and get to know her. Ask her questions about herself but do not go overboard. You do not want to make her feel like you are interrogating her. Ask simple questions that can take your conversation further:

Getting to know her will make asking for her number easier. It goes a long way in fostering the possibility of a future relationship. You can learn a lot about the person, and this will help you decide if you still want that number in the end.

2. Hint that you would like to see her again

Once you have determined that there is a connection with this person, the next step is hinting that you want to see her again. There are two ways that you can do this:

Plant the seed

Casually bring up in conversation that you enjoy talking to her. For example, you can talk about your favorite coffee shops, bars, or even restaurants and see what she has to say. Bring up other first-date ideas that you think she might like as well.

See how she responds to any of the suggestions. If she has been there before, you can say how fun it would be to go there one day with her. If she has not been to any of the places you mention, you can say that you think it would be fun to go there one day together.

Be more direct

If it does not feel right to plant the seed, you do not need to worry. You can simply tell her how you feel about her and how much you enjoy being around her. Your confidence will flatter her, and she will respond with how she feels.

3. Know Your Strengths and What You Can Offer Her

Wanting her number sometimes makes a guy feel like he is creepy. You feel this way because you are thinking about what you want from her, such as:

It is important that while you are thinking about what it is you want from her, you need to think about what it is that you can offer her as well. What will she want from you? Why will she enjoy spending time with you?

You will get the answers to these questions the more you talk and get to know her. For example, you can see if she laughs at your jokes, gently touches you as you talk, and so on.

Your strengths

What is it that you have that she can want? 

You can see which of your best qualities she would be attracted to. The more you get to know each other, the better feel for each other you will have. You can tell how you vibe together and how strong the chemistry is. Is it a physical or emotional attraction? 

Putting your best foot forward will show her the great qualities that you have. You might be asking yourself, but what happens in the long run?

In the long run, there will be fights and arguments. The trick is, by showing her from the start what you can provide for her, it will help bring the two of you back together quicker. You are not pretending in the beginning.

You are simply showing her the best that you can give, and when times get tough, she has those memories to look back on. A constant reminder that yes, things right now might not be amazing, but once you through the rough patch, it will be great once again.

4. Getting the Phone Number

This is the final step that you are going to be taking. You have already done all the hard work. You have gotten to know her, determined what you have in common and what it is that you can offer each other. It is now time to go from a simple conversation once-off to asking for her number, resulting in a long-term relationship.

There are a few ways that you can go about getting her number.

Give her your phone

Pass her your phone and ask if you can have your number. You do not want her to scream her number across the table. This can make her feel shy, and she might turn you down. Giving your phone to her also shows trust. You trust her with your phone, and it also shows that you have nothing to hide.

If you have compromising videos or photos on your phone, I suggest hiding these before you decide to ask for her number.

Beat around the bush a little bit

If you are not yet confident to be straightforward and ask for her number so that you can go on a date, simply beat around the bush a little bit. Tell her that you have a few funny memes that you would like to send her. This can show vulnerability which is something that girls like.

Don’t be persistent

Once you have asked her, and she has turned you down, respect her decision. However, you mustn’t force her or be persistent because this will make the situation worse.

If she has said no, ask if you can add her on social media then. This will give you guys more time to get to know each other, and then she might give you her number after. Once again, you do not want to bombard her with messages on social media.

Play it cool and let her drive the bus. Then, when she is ready, she will give you the number and if she is not comfortable, that is okay too. You can try again with someone else with whom you feel you have a connection.

Know when to back off

Sometimes, girls do not feel the same way as we do. This is unfortunate, but you must respect her wishes and back off. You do not want to look like a creep at the end of the day. Rejection can happen. You must understand this was not a great fit and find someone who does want to give you her number.

In summary, here is how you can ask a girl for her phone number in four easy steps:

  1. Don’t ask for her phone number right away. Get to know her, change your proximity and give her a few nice complements.
  2. Hint that you would like to see her again. Mention nice places to go on a date and show interest in the fact that you want to take her there one day soon.
  3. Know your strengths and what you can offer her. You are a great guy and have a lot to offer her. Let her know these things about you.
  4. Getting the phone number. In a way that you are comfortable with, ask her for her number, and if she says no, respect her wishes.

Getting a girl’s number can be a scary thought. Once you follow the four easy steps, it will help you relax and become more confident in yourself. You will get a better understanding of what chemistry you have together and what you can offer one another. Do not be discouraged if you do not get the number at the end. Someone who you connect with and enjoy spending time with will give you her number. Be patient, you got this!

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Tyler Hernandez Profile Image

Tyler Hernandez

PhoneChatLines' Founder

Tyler Hernandez is the founder of Tyler is a visionary for new startup ideas, and in his free time he enjoys writing, eating pizza, and traveling.

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